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Survival on Raft MOD APK on raft is a game that truly tests the bounds of your own survival instincts and it is important that you make sure that you have the best of the best experience to win the game.
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Download Survival on Raft Mod Apk

Survival on Raft MOD APK

If you’ve watched shark survival movies like the jaws and are a big fan of it then chances are that you will enjoy protecting yourself while surviving on a raft with a bunch of sharks in the water. Imagine a scenario where you have to be the last man standing when a plane crashes into the ocean and you are the only one Survival on Raft MOD APK but are floating in the water.

Forget about your modern life this is the time that you have to survive and make sure that you are rescued in time. Will you hunt fish or be hunted by the big fish? The hungry sharks are simply looking for a way to take your life and it’s up to you what you do to survive. To have a life in the ocean is not easy at all.

Survival on Raft Apk Gameplay

Survival on Raft In this game, you will have to live in a do-it-all mode and get things done to help you survive. You will have to build and upgrade your raft and make sure that it is equipped to take care of you and protect you in the sea. Moreover, you will also have to keep moving so that you can explore other parts and find land where you will finally go to make sure that you get a chance at survival.

You will defend your oat from sharks and make sure that you can explore the vast world around you. Find items floating around that you can use for your survival and you can also make sure that you find items like weaponry and tools that you can use for defending and repairing your shaft. You will have to collect things, build and upgrade your raft frequently and make sure that you learn the story of the apocalypse. So, as you play the game you will have the opportunity to learn more about how you ended up there in the first place.

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Survival on Raft Apk Features:


You will have to look for ways to sustain yourself in the middle of the ocean and find ways to make sure that you can survive till you unravel the actual mystery and find out what actually happened on the plane.

Crafting Widgets:

Crafting includes many activities that will ultimately sustain your life on a boat. This includes catching fish, growing vegetables, getting water, and making sure that you build more space so that you will eventually have enough space that if a shark attacks it will not directly affect your sustenance.

Gather Resources:

In the water and on the craft and there are many things that you will discover that could reveal the secrets and mysteries of the past as well as making sure that you get a few useful items that will ultimately help you survive. You will find these items in the craft boat or you may find them lying around and floating in the ocean.

Tips To Play:

  • The plastic hook is the true hero of the raft make sure you know its functions very well
  • The shark will attack the raft every 5 minutes however if you enter the water this timer will stop till your exit
  • Having space between your collection nets is a wise choice because items slipping away is unlikely and it saves you resources
  • Don’t be fooled because one sail will be able to produce all the sail that you need
  • Make sure that your water purifier is always working on a new batch of water
  • When you remove the flooring remember that any item that will be on the floor will immediately disappear

Survival Raft Mod Apk

Survival Raft Mod version of the survival raft is an advanced version that allows you to make sure that all the different features of the game are fixed and ultimately the game will have more to offer to you on the MOD version than in the original and unmodified version. There will be more to do and more to explore ultimately

Survival Raft Mod Features:

Load Speed Optimized:

While this game is very interesting and it has an interesting storyline it is also very hard to make sure that you don’t get tired of waiting for it to load and the MOD version offers faster speed when it comes to that.

No Ads:

Don’t you just love playing a game unbothered by the frequently popping up advertisements and things that will make the gameplay so much harder? There are no ads that will be coming up and interrupting you.

Survival Raft Download Guide:

Firstly download Survival Raft apk or mod apk file from the download button
The download button will takes you to the page of downloading file
On the page of downloading Click the version & type, which you want to download
After downloading, open the downloads folder & tap on the downloaded file
Now, enable the option of installing from unknown sources in the setting
After enabling, the file continues to install
Done…! Enjoy
Survival on Raft MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you collect the floating items in the water?
Yes, some of the floating items that you see you will be able to use them to your advantage
Is the Survival Raft MOD APK safe?
Yes, the survival raft mod APK is safe and completely virus-free to install and use
Is the Survival Raft MOD APK free?
Yes, the Survival Raft MOD APK is free and completely easy to download and use
How do I get more plastic in my raft?
The plastic will be found floating around or on other vacated rafts etc.
How much does the original raft game cost?
Lately the developers have announced that the survival on raft game will be $20 worth of money.


Survival on Raft MOD APK on the raft is a game that truly tests the bounds of your own survival instincts and it is important that you make sure that you have the best of the best experience to win the game. With the MOD version, there are more items, possibilities, and overall a better performance that you can make use of.

What's new

The problem with loading the islands is fixed
Much more efficient and bugs are fixed
New shaders are added in addition to few new collective items
The metal surfaces are realistic on all metal surfaces
Optimization of network code and content loading algorithms is also improved
The loading time when starting the game is significantly reduced
There are numerous performance issues that are fixed on the MOD version


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