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Dead Target has grown to be one of the most popular zombie video games among hardcore players and beginners alike. This is something you can truly play anywhere and we mean truly anywhere.
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Dead Target Mod Apk Download

Hey guys, have you ever heard of the Dead Target Zombie Offline Shooting game? Don’t worry it is not something wrong if you haven’t because there are thousands who play this on a regular basis and look upon it as one of their favorite mobile games of all time. If you want to access all its premium features for free then Dead Target Mod Apk is an excellent choice for you. All the premium features are present in the Mod but we’ll be talking about that further down below.Dead Target Zombies Mod Apk is a bold, exciting new initiative for the next generation of shooters. The development team at Madfinger are proud to present their vision for what an exciting, action-packed zombie shooter should be; a unique and memorable experience that gamers will remember for years to come! With highly improved visuals, 3D graphics and great sound effects, Dead Target offers lots of interesting features like customizable and innovative weapons found at your disposal like pistols, shotguns, assault rifles. Never let yourself get bored with zombies that won’t stop coming to attack you.

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Dead Target Apk Gameplay

There are many exciting event in the game and you have to complete them in order to earn lucrative rewards like special guns, high damage bullets, etc. Your role is to save humanity from a zombie plague which threatens the society and other people who are struggling with this deadly pandemic.

When you first play the game, it can be difficult to get used to everything. After all, many mobile games are built around addicting their players and making intricate in-app purchases that might not even be necessary at the start of a player’s journey. Luckily, there is a tutorial guide that takes new players through each aspect of the gameplay getting them acclimated so they can really sink their teeth into the core mechanics of the game and learn how to best take advantage of them as they play.

Dead Target Apk Features:

Dead Target is a game that has over 100 different customizable weapons, requiring players to aim and load them before firing. Players can earn mission points in numerous game modes that is used to buy or upgrade better weapons or perks. Every week there are 3 hard events for the players to take part in and test their mettle. The developer also release weekly supply drops, including gear, ammunition and weapon parts every weekend.

Modern Weapon System:

  • While FPS is a popular genre with some of the most fun multiplayer experiences, Dead Target by Madfinger Games gives you much more than just an addictive online mode. Its weapon system is one of the most awaited and talked-about aspects of this impressive shooter, enabling you to choose from over 250+ authentic weaponry that ranges from realistic rifles to hi-tech pistols and even a few melee options like spiked baseball bats. It’s definitely worth checking out if you want action, replayability and a genuinely enjoyable gaming experience – best enjoyed with friends in co-op!

Realistic Graphics:

  • Dead Target was developed using the Unity 4 Engine, so the graphics are more advanced than ever before. The game runs smoothly even on low-end phones like the Lumia 520, which is great news for those with limited processing power who want to play this action packed shooter. It also has a dark background that sets your senses reeling making you feel like you’re in danger just as much as the other characters in your squad! As well as music and sound effects which bring a touch of reality into your gaming experience and help to make it fun, there’s also tonnes of customisation that can be done in-game allowing you to upgrade your character’s weaponry and armoury or even purchase new items altogether!

Dead Target Mod Apk

Dead Target is a game for mobile devices (both smartphones as well as tablets). It allows the user to play as either civilians or military personnel against zombies in a shooter environment. Dead Target Mod Apk, if installed, enables users to access unlocked and other previously blocked features like gold bonuses, improved weapons, and more!

Dead Target Mod Features:

• Unlimited Gold
• Unlimited Cash

Dead Target Mod Apk Download Guide:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it Safe to Download Dead Target Zombie MOD Apk?
A. Yes, this premium mod apk is fully safe to use, and it can be used without any issue on your device. I always try to post the most recent version of an app that’s been tested for its working, security, and compatibility with the mod. If any application does not pass our test, then I will not share it here.

Q. Is this a latest version of Dead Target Pro MOD Apk?
Yes, I have shared World of Dead Target Mod Apk, which is the latest version available on the Google Play store. If you need updates regarding this app then you can bookmark this page.


Dead Target has grown to be one of the most popular zombie video games among hardcore players and beginners alike. This is something you can truly play anywhere and we mean truly anywhere ‘cause here you are going to learn how to hack Dead Target (link below) in order to get the biggest advantage over your enemies.



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