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Cooking Fever MOD APK is a detailed Culinary game that allows you a different type of user experience. You get to enjoy watching new recipes and you get evaluated by customers.
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Cooking Fever MOD APK

If you are someone who enjoys cooking but things don’t exactly turn out your way in the kitchen then perhaps it’s better if you try your luck in a Cooking Fever MOD APK that will offer better results for your recipes. Here is one of the most interesting culinary game applications that you will find on the internet in this day and age.

This is an addictive restraint management game that allows you to handle things your way in your virtual kitchen. You can manage your own restaurants as well as cook delicious meals and desserts from around the world. It’s a one-of-a-kind game that will help you achieve your dreams of being the best Chef.

Cooking Fever Apk Everything Unlocked

You can help yourself become the best chef that the culinary world has ever seen. With an easy-to-understand User Interface, amazing graphics and much more you will have the role of cooking dishes as required by customers. You can choose one of the many locations from the fast-food store and make sure that you help serve in a restaurant of your own liking. Maybe experience things your own way and use a variety of different ingredients to come up with some of the best dishes. In addition, you will have a lot of tools in your kitchen including coffee makers, popcorn machines, as well as toasters.

All of this will help you make the dishes according to what your customers require and then gain satisfactory points from your customers. Each of these levels will have different visitors and very different kinds of waiting times. If you meet the needs of the customers, they will pay you but if you do not meet their requirements and do not satisfy them then your food will go to waste. If you have a cooking fever then this is the best way for you to get started.

Cooking Fever Apk Features:

Build Your Own Restaurant:

Okaying cooking fever that in addition to playing a top chef you will also get the chance to play as a restaurant manager and manage the store, and after cooking the delicious dishes you will be able to attract the customers to the restaurant by decorating the store and making sure that it looks welcoming enough to attract visitors.


The graphics of cooking fever is constructed by making sure that eye-catching dishes are offered using 3D graphics. There are thousands of dishes that are designed and are realistic and might even make you feel a little hungry yourself.

Many Locations:

You can choose your locations and as you level up you will get to work in many different locations to refine your culinary skills.

Tips To Play:

  • Once you unlock the Casino make sure to play it every day before you have unlocked the 15 gems.
  • Each restaurant will earn you coins after every 24 hours but make sure that you wait to click the claim button until after you have played the casino
  • You will get 7 gems every time that you level up in the game and you will level up every time you gather 10,000 coins in the game
  • Only do the interior upgrades when there are coins only do not waste gems on the first few restaurants
  • You can pay attention to the increase in pay for ingredients. You will have two different ingredients that can both be upgraded for 3 gems each
  • If you are really close to beating a level but can’t then try to memorize the first few customers, they will always be the same so plan ahead and start cooking

Cooking Fever Mod Apk

Cooking Fever Mod you don’t really have the time and dedication to work your way up the proper way then perhaps you will be able to do that with an unlimited MOD version. Work without any limitations so that you will not have to worry about ads, you will have unlimited money and coins that you can make use of to unlock different locations and try different recipes.

Cooking Fever Mod Features:

Unlimited Money:

You can use the unlimited money to make sure that you have an unlimited amount of resources that will ultimately help you have a better experience at the Cooking fever application

No Ads:

You will not be frequently interrupted by the ads and other such interruptions instead you can simply make sure that you enjoy the application and cook your favourite recipes, please customers, figure out the tips and tricks with an unlimited number of opportunities.

Cooking Fever Download Guide:

Cooking Fever MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cooking Fever MOD APK free?
Yes, Cooking fever mod Apk is free to download from an external source and it can easily be found online.
Is the Mod Version Safe to download?
Yes, the cooking fever MOD APK is safe to download and you wil not have tp worry about viruses and malware accompanying the download to your device.
Which Cooking Fever gives the most XP?
The cooking fevers where players experience the most XP are the Café Mexicana and Corn Dog Van
What does XP mean in Cooking fever?
XP are the Experience points that you get in cooking fever and that help you unlock more features in the application
How to get gems on Cooking Fever?
You will get 7 gems every time you level up so to earn the gems try to earn more XP.


Cooking Fever MOD APK is a detailed Culinary game that allows you a different type of user experience. You get to enjoy watching new recipes and you get evaluated by customers on these recipes so it is one of the best interactive cooking games that only serves to get better with the MOD APK version.

What's new

Unlock the sunset café and brew the most delicious coffee
Unlimited Gems that you can use to unlock any resource and use it to move forth in the game
Unlimited number of coins that you can use to make sure that you get all the resources that you want
NO ads so that you do not have to be annoyed mid game and interrupted in the middle of it
Various minor improvements and better gaming experience


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