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Clash of Clans Mod APK is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for every enthusiastic clasher. It is a way for you to experience maximum resources and how you can apply the best strategies to the game.
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Clash of Clans Mod APK

Clash of Clans Mod APK is probably one of the biggest games that has come out of the Appstore and it generates millions of dollars although the application is completely free to play. With a powerful UI and excellent features this game combines strategy with dedicated play to make sure that the players stay hooked onto the game and develop their skills.

Most of the top players spend at least 2 years to get to their position and sometimes it can be frustrating how organic the game is however it still hooks plenty of players and once you start climbing the levels it is hard to quit when you have worked so hard for it. Many players spend a huge amount of money to get by in the game however if you grasp the features of the game properly and apply proper strategy there is really very little need for actually spending any money.

Clash of Clans Apk Download

The game is basically the concept of building your village and attacking the nearby villagers or the villages of other players. The initial levels of the game are very easy and rather simple however when the game progresses you might find yourself spending more money, time and effort to see results.

There are a range of different troops, defenses and heroes that you can select from as well as some additional features that you will unlock along the way. The Gameplay is centered on the strategy that you use, you can either tend to your village and help it grow adding different assets to it, attack other villages by targeting their bases or you may even engage in full on clan wars.

For those who want to speed up the process of climbing levels and get more resources the game will allow you to buy the gems for real money. Most players tend to opt for this because it seems like at the highest of levels the upgrades may take up to weeks and you may find yourself too stranded in one level of the game. Having gems is very useful if you want to speed upgrades especially during the last hour of the upgrade.

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Clash of Clans Apk Features:

Build Your Own Village:

You can collect resources and start your own village of your civilization. Then as you progress in the game you will be able to expand your resources and build a village along with making a better defense structure.

Single-player Warfare:

This is one of the easiest ways of earning rewards in this game. You can take up on goblins for goblin encampments so that you will learn the game’s mechanics and also earn the rewards.

Intense Pvp:

You can also earn rewards and get assortments for your own village by joining clans and raiding the other player’s villages to steal loot. Your clan warfare can be massive and earn a massive amount of reward depending upon the clan that you join and how skilled they are.

Various Units:

There are multiple types of warriors that you can choose from. To be precise you will have the chance to choose between 18 types of warriors who will spread across 4 tiers of troops that will be use for the defense and attack.

Tactical Deployment:

This is one of the features where your strategy is more important than resources. Make sure that you understand how to deploy your forces on the battle field for maximum damage to the other clan or for providing the right defense. One wrong placement can give the other clan a freeway to invade your village and destroy your resources.

Tips To Play:

Save gems and do not use them all up for building resources. When you have a lot of gems you might be tempted to use them up but the fun in the game is to save up the gems for better strategic purposes later on
A good village layout is important if you want to help your troops better defend your village or attack the other villages to win trophies

Raiding villages is not the only way that you can find resources you can also collect them. There are elixir pumps, gold mines and dark elixir drills that can be used to make sure that you have enough resources even without invading villages.

Your shield is one of the most useful tools when it comes to defending your village against the outside attacks so if you want to make sure that you continue to protect your village then make sure that you do not attack another village while your shield is active because this will break your shield.

It is important that you join a clan or customize your own if you want to raid villages successfully
The defenses make up half the game play so make sure that you are frequently upgrading your defenses for a better gameplay. With a good defense a good attack is also important so make sure that you keep upgrading your troops as well.

Clash of Clans Mod Apk

Clash of Clans Mod is a private server Mod APK that will take your clash of clan’s experience to a whole new level. You will be able to enjoy the emulated servers with an unlimited number of gems, mods and overall features. The clash of clan mod experience will allow you to start off with your base and then build according to your needs in the game. With this version you will be able to unlock a maxed base, with a town hall level of 12 along with some of the best troops and defenses at your disposal. You will be able to use the commands in global and clan chats.

Clash of Clans Mod Features :

Unlimited Resources:

The clash of clans Mod Apk allows you to develop your dream base with the unlimited of unlocked resources from gems, elixirs, dark elixirs and golds. It’s the perfect opportunity for every clasher. You will be able to build, develop as well as modify your base when you want and as you want.

Private Servers:

The mod version allows you to access all of the paid features that you would have to pay to acquire in the free version for free in the Mod version. You will have an unlimited supply with no payment required.


Since the game works entirely on a private server thus you can have a fast performance and no more lagging now. It is time saving because you will have all the resources at your disposal.

Clash of Clans Download Guide:

Clash of Clans Mod APK

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is COC Mod APK safe?
Yes, it has been deemed safe and it is free of malware and viruses. It offers privacy and security with great opportunities
Will my Account be Banned while playing COC Mod?
No, the account can not be banned since COC mod runs on private servers as compared to the original version of the application.


Clash of Clans Mod APK is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for every enthusiastic clasher. It is a way for you to experience maximum resources and how you can apply the best strategies to the game.

What's new

You will have an upgraded and modified menu to choose from
There are unlimited resources for your gameplay that you can find or acquire
You will have a private server for your gameplay
You will have an increased training camp and selling factory size so that you can unlock an unlimited amount of potential.



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